What is use value? How do you turn it into money?

Use value a genuinely rare commodity in our world today. How to use it for great effect in your life


Imagine a person being given precisely 12 months to live. No matter what happens, the clock is ticking. They cannot gain not a second more time. With each passing moment, life TIME becomes more and more precious.

Rising early in the morning and going later to bed gives more clock time, of course, but clock time as you know can be experienced in different ways.

When we are engaged in something that provides great enjoyment, an hour goes by in 15 minutes. Likewise, when we are doing something that doesn't give pleasure, then time slows down to where we wish it to expire as quickly as possible.

Here then we face a conundrum.

If our limited life-time victim just spends time enjoying pastimes that provide happiness, the 12 months will go by in the blinking of an eye. Life literally passes by.

The only way for our victim to gain more time and enjoy this time is to discover how to multiply it.

Now here is a strange thing.

When you are providing something of life-enhancing use value to another person, you are automatically setting yourself up to receive something in return.

That physical something is more than likely money, but the non-physical thing is of greater value. This non-physical is your own life-enhancing use value although you might not recognise it. 

Though your act of creating use value for others, you, in turn, gain more LIFE time by creating purpose. 

Living your life purposely results in more enjoyment, more LIFE-TIME for yourself. It's a powerful feedback loop that can expand exponentially.

Taken to the extreme, it can make you a billionaire.

I was watching Elon Musk reply to a question about why he produces certain things.

After his trademark pausing and in-depth internal referencing, he said.

"There is little in this world you can purchase that you can truly love. I like to make things I believe people will love."

He then paused and internally processed again before saying to the interviewer.

"Do you know how challenging it is to make things you want people to love?"

I am not a car aficionado. But the other day I pulled into a car park, exited my car and as I walked away. Something caught my eye. It was a Tesla car. It drew me back to it like a magnet draws iron filings.

This one car in the whole car park had a magnetic pull.

To me, it was not a car but a thing of absolute beauty, a work of art even. It captivated me.

The owner appeared, and we chatted for a while. It was evident that this lump of metal was enhancing the life of its owner every time he used it. He expressed love for the car. He experienced 'life enhancing use value', and Elon Musk is a billionaire, I believe. !

You might not want to be a billionaire. You might not require or want this amount of money in your life. Still, if what you share with the world provides life-enhancing use value, you will have no choice as to the volume of money that people will willingly exchange for it.

An economy driven by products and services

Imagine an economy driven by products and services whose sole reason for coming into existence was to provide genuine life-enhancing use value for the consumer.

A fanciful dream of such an economy? Maybe, but where is the harm in you making a start? After all, if you follow the principle of producing a product or a service based on the bedrock of use value, you cannot fail.

I am not for a moment saying producing real life-enhancing use value is a walk in the park. It's not, it requires deep thought, planning and commitment. 

However, if you are doing this whilst maintaining the absolute desire to provide a life-enhancing outcome to your customer, you cannot fail. The world will indeed beat a path to your door.

All life is driven for the seeking of more life. By becoming a producer of life-enhancing use value, you are tapping into that which is seeking more life. Life is forever choosing the path of seeking more life.

Our choices are every bit as important as life seeking life. We can become conscious of our minds. We can choose the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and subsequently the actions we take. 

Given the enormous consequences of becoming more conscious, you would think that we would cultivate the experience. The reality is we pay little attention to our own lives at a level where we could consciously make a difference. 

Today as you're reading or listening to these words, you have invested your most precious resource. The actual time taken cannot be recovered. But if you become aware of the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and subsequently the actions you take, then you must by default gain time in the future to do the things you want to do.

You must, by-default experience some life-enhancing use value.

Today, why not make a start in exploring a different future?

We're told to set goals, create targets to write how much money we want, and then to visualise it as coming into existence. This is excellent advice, but there is more to this, and that has to be the actions you take.

Make today the start of your life-enhancing journal. Make a commitment to creating the life you want to live by focusing on how you can create genuine use value for others.

Right now, that might seem like a tough call. It might seem like something difficult to wrap your mind around. 

That's OK. This might be unfamiliar territory for you.

This journal will be your greatest asset and often your Achilles heel. Still, unless you make a start, you will experience neither.

Firstly, make a statement that you will open your journal every day and make at least one entry. 

Questions to write in your journal (Hardback A4 book for a permanent record)

The first entry is likely to be amended many times over the coming weeks, so don't get too deep on this. The purpose here is to put some skeleton structure down.


Think about what you want as a monetary reward. 


Money creation NOT what you are going to focus on. We are only starting with money, so we have a measuring mechanism. As you will see later, the money is a by-product of the process of value creation.

It's sensible to set the initial amount of money to provide comfort in your life.

Once you have this break it down to a monthly income with little thought and then move on

Let's look at my initial journal that has led to you reading this.

"I want to show by example that life-enhancing use value is a way to live life on your terms. To spend your LIFE-TIME doing something you love by providing others with the means to do what they love and thus experience the same."

As you can see, this is a circular feedback loop.

Now it's essential to understand that increasing your customers' wealth is not your solitary goal (unless that is directly your intended use value supply)

Let us assume you were to offer something like a time management solution.

What you 'believe' to be the value in your offering is not that important. (This is where most go wrong with the life-enhancing use value concept)

You might construct your time management solution to enable the recipient to make more money and focus your attention on this. This is the wrong approach.


Because HOW someone uses your product or service is not your concern. Notice here how we are drifting away from conventional methods of product benefit solution and marketing to make money.

We are not telling a customer exactly what they will get from our offering, and neither should we.

A person seeking better time management might want:

  • More money

  • More family time

  • More time for sports

  • More time to read

  • More time to write

  • More time to swim, fly, ride horses, make candy floss, toffee apples or even start a flea circus.

HOW a customer uses your product is not for you to consider. The only thing you are producing with your time management system is the delivery of life-enhancing use value.

This might seem like a subtle difference, but it's not. The moment you focus on enhancing another person's life, your product takes on a life of its own. No matter what it is (You may not even know what it is at this stage)

Right about now, your mind is likely coming up with a stream of ways we can enhance life. 

Once you start thinking like this, get out your journal.

You step into an elevator. Inside are two people. You ask the first one.

"What do you do?"

"I do time management," they reply

Then you ask the second one :

"What do you do?"

"I provide people with life, enhancing use value. I help people do what they love in life and get paid at the same time," they reply.

Whose services do you instantly want to learn more about?

If you were into time management.

Help people to spend more with more time with loved ones, start a flea circus or make candy floss. This is creating life-enhancing use value.

Stop trying to create money. The money will come to you in the proportion in which you enhance others' lives.

Don't you just love the idea of focusing on enhancing lives over money-making?

If not, you're probably in the wrong place.

I'll assume you're not. :-)

In the next article, we will look more at developing your unique offering to the world. This will probably be out on Friday, ready for the weekend.

If you have enjoyed your time spent here today please share this article with someone who you think might get ‘use value’ from it. 

All the very best from my family to yours.

Catch up with you soon.


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