Holiday Over - Let's get to work

The Xmas and New year days are done. It's time to knuckle down and turn on our best selves to make 2021 our best ever year.

Hi Everyone

I took three weeks off to travel to the top end of the North Island - New Zealand. Great time fantastic weather and great fishing. This is a 10+KG kingfish. They fight like hell and grow to a huge size and power. They are also GREAT eating.

This one fed the family very nicely for a few days.

Anyway…. Back to this newsletter…. Long story short

I have decided that I don’t want to make any money from this project. Furthermore, I am putting it on the back burner to focus on my PAT customers and their success for the coming year.

A big thing for me has always been integrity of purpose. I have had an incredibly good time working with all my students over the many years and this is not something I wish to jeopardize.

After the launch of this newsletter I received a few emails from long term customers of PAT. In a very nice way they explained something to me that I had not considered.

Basically they said that if you swim with sharks, pretty soon people will call you a shark, and they will believe you to be a shark. They felt that the newsletter came across like many of the ‘get-rich-quick’ or ‘scam’ emails that people set up.

They were very polite in explaining that whilst they knew this not to be true, they felt that those who had no past knowledge of me would almost certainly think there was a shark in the water. I gave this some thought. At first, I thought ‘ It’s not like that, so I don’t care’

But then my wife convinced me they were essentially right in what they were saying. She reminded me of a saying that I often use which is:

“It’s not what things are, it’s what people perceive them to be”

So…. I have refunded ALL payments. This will no longer be a paid for publication.

OK, it’s done. :-)

Now is the time to knuckle down and make 2021 your best ever year.

Let’s get too it.

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I will catch up with you over there.