Why you should (must) subscribe…

This is IMPORTANT…. There’s a lot at stake here…

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It’s WHY you should (must) subscribe and why we should be working together.

Five Years From Now… This is your Future

Take a breath…

Consider where your life is right now and how you got to this point.

Some things you are going to be happy with, other things not so. And there are things where if you'd taken action your life would be very different.

The thoughts you think today, the actions you take today will define your life tomorrow. This is precisely how you got to where you are now.

There's a lot at stake in what you allow your next thought and action to be. There is a lot at stake right now for your future.

Who is in control of your life?

We like to think we are in control of our lives. We want to think we are sophisticated, intelligent and invaluable. But the truth?

We are, for the most part, a bundle of unstable thoughts, feelings and emotions. And we can easily be replaced with another bundle who will probably do whatever we are doing for less.

At age 13, my school report summary said…

Martin is a dreamer. He spends most of his school day with his head in the clouds. I doubt he will amount to much in life.

As my mother read that to me, I remember believing that my teachers must have had superpowers. There was no other explanation for it. How else could they have known the state of my mind?

Not amounting too much in life was as I later learned, an opinion. Later still I learned that the world was full of opinions, none of which were necessarily correct (Mine included)

In 1990 ( I was in my 20s') I was made bankrupt and ended up homeless with a young family to take care of it looked like my school report was right! My teacher did indeed have special powers.

After laying on an old couch for three days contemplating how unjust the world was and how my life was over, I had this crazy thought.

I decided to see what would happen if I changed my opinion about who and what I was. What if I took another look inside those clouds I used to gaze into as a kid?

It was not long before things started to happen. And about twenty years later, I retired from having to be working every day.

Ironically this was about twenty years earlier than my teachers would have been able to retire from their careers.

I had found something in the clouds.

The shortest path to creating a successful and wealthy future was by taking control of my thoughts, and subsequently, my actions.

Thoughts are indeed things, and my thoughts turned into things called dollars. BUT… Now later in life, I have come to realise a great universal truth. The value of which cannot be priced in dollars.

The most valuable possession I have learned over the years is the highest priced commodity on the planet. It is of course time... YOUR' - LIFE-TIME'.

Given the extraordinary value of time, I will not ask for any of it without recompense to you of higher value. So I will get right to it...

I want you to consider spending a quiet hour or so a week with me as I start all over again.

Yes, you read that correctly - I am going to start all over again. But this time, I am going to focus on creating wealth by doing something that I love. And I want to take you along with me.

This time around money will be a by-product of spending time doing what gives me the most pleasure. The money created on the way will be used as a measuring stick on how successful this method is. And we are not going set a low bar.

Whilst the title of this newsletter is Five Years From Now. I am going to shorten my plan due to my advancing years. (I'm 61) What I am doing will be measured on and reported on a week by week basis.

So here's my plan that you can be part of.

I will start the Five Years From Now newsletter. (You're reading it now so you can see I have already made a start) :-)

Starting from scratch, I will generate earnings of $84,000 for year one. (I am confident I will do better than this)

(Note I have amened this plan to the $84,000 from the higher figure. It would appear from feedback that I alienated a lot of readers with my original statement. Of course there is nothing to stop me achieving more than the $84,000

A short video explains how I messed up and why I changed


How are we going to do this together?

Well, that will evolve over the coming weeks and months. This is what you will learn by being a subscriber to my newsletter.

What are you going to get?

I am going to take you with me. The opportunity is for you to take part in the creation of your own designed and realised future.

You are going to create the life you want to live.

There is a formula for success, an exact formula. This formula can be used to create money for the sake of money or to create money and live a rewarding life for yourself and others while you are doing it.

I initially chose the former, and it worked out well.

This time around, I am choosing the latter.

(You become more philosophical as you become older because of the increase in the value of LIFE-TIME)

It is this second method, the far superior method that I am going to be sharing with you and guiding you in its use.

So what are you going to have to do?

Well, like I said earlier, you will be spending a quiet hour or so a week with me as I start all over again. The idea is that during this time that you spend with me you will be creating your own exciting new future. You will be creating the life you want to live.

Your actions will involve reading this newsletter. Watching short, powerful videos. Listening to podcasts and occasional watching or being part of webinars with other members who are on the same journey as you. You can take part as much or as little as you want. This is ultimately about you creating what you want.

So how will this progress for you?

You will start to think about where you want to be next week and five years from now.

You will discover a plan to get to where you want to be

You will be spending time with like-minded individuals who can and will assist and encourage you.

You will find your life-changing in unexpected ways.

You will discover more meaning in your life.

You will discover what it's like to actually enjoy what you are doing.

You will create a new and exciting future with the freedom and financial resources to enjoy that future.

Now… I could go on and on with bullet points like this, and they would all be 100% genuine and authentic. I can say this because as you will discover when you subscribe, I am 100% truthful in what I say and what I do. Working with me is… 'what you see is what you get.'

Going back over those bullet points, you will notice something different about this newsletter.

This newsletter is NOT just a 'good read.'

This newsletter is an action plan. It's the latest cutting edge solutions to achieving everything you want in life.

It's a road map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

It's about full and active participation creating the life you want to live.

You have my personal promise that your subscription will prove to be a highly rewarding and life-changing experience. This is your life five years from now.

Finally, there must be the ultimate question that even I have had to ask.

Why am I doing this now at my time of life when I have the means and free time to live out my life as I choose?

That's a great question. I will try to be brief.

It's probably in part because of my bankruptcy in my 20s' This undoubtedly had an effect on me. It pushed me to focus on money accumulation to create a protective barrier for myself and my family.

Many years later, I paused (a couple of years ago) and thought about what I have done and could I have done things differently.

This is a fascinating time in my life. It's where I get to leave a ladder for those that want to explore and create an exciting future for themselves.

I hope that you will join me and allow me to assist you in creating something rather special for yourself and loved ones.

All the very best from my family to yours

Martin Cole

PS PLEASE NOTE* This newsletter has nothing to do with my 'previous life' in financial markets. Nothing will be discussed in that field.

Martin Cole - Five Years From Now
Five Years From Now